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Serenity 40 Inset Roomset HR
Serenity 40i Inset
Serenity 40 Inset
Convector 2-6kW
A stylish inset stove featuring a full glass window and simple to use air controls.  Designed to fit into a UK fireplace opening which will add both a touch of beauty and increase the efficiency over an open fire.
British designed and built to a high standard and quality, incorporating many new and unique innovative design features, to make the stove both easier to install and use. 
  • Choose between 3 & 4 sided (50mm or 68mm) frame options for hearth mounting or hole in the wall installation
Special orders
  • Stainless steel door and air control handles
  • Custom made frame sizes
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Serenity 40FS 
Freestanding Convector Range 2-6kW
The Serenity 40 freestanding range is available with legs, log store and full glass window options, to satisfy the majority of requirements and room designs.  Offering contemporary styling and full convector casings these stoves will look great in a fireplace or freestanding situation.
With the proven Serenity 40 firebox giving a beautiful view of the fire burning brightly through the
large glass window and simple to use air controls makes these stoves the ideal warming companion for those cold winter evenings.
  • 4.5kW nominal output
  • Vermiculite lined fire chamber with 80% efficiency
  • Large firebox (290mm log length)
  • Full convection casing
  • Adjustable feet
  • Tested and approved to EN13240 for wood and solid fuel
  • Defra approved
  • Choice of log store option and log store model with full glass window
Special orders
  • Rear heat shield
  • Stainless steel door and air control handles
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Serenity 40 Specifications
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