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Heta is a manufacturing company based in Denmark. They produce state-of-the-art modern and contemporary stoves. Heta are constantly evolving and strive to continually modernise and adapt in line with their comprehensive range of Heta stoves. Even in these modern times, traditional craftsmanship and professional pride remain key company values to them, and innovative and highly functional stoves are the result.
Heta take their environmental considerations very seriously indeed by designing and producing stoves that emit and produce some of the lowest levels of particulate pollution possible from a wood burning stove.  With the renowned Heta clean-burning performance and efficiencies up to 86% on some models, these stoves are some of the best of the market.  All models are tested and approved to meet and exceed the strictest of European requirements which includes the Norwegian, Danish, German Bimsch 2 and many are compliant to the UK Defra regulations.  All of the models in the Heta range are already future proofed meeting the new 2022 regulations for Ecodesign giving you complete peace of mind and confidence that you will not only be warming your hearth and home with one of best stoves out there but you will meet all the environmental concerns for the future.
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