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Heta QUAD outdoor burner
Heta QUAD outdoor burner
The Heta Quad can be placed in any setting
Heta QUAD outdoor burner
Heta QUAD outdoor burner (4)
Heta QUAD outdoor burner (6)
Fire starter gel
Heta Powerbank external battery
Quad Outdoor Burner
Fire has always fascinated people - and that has not changed. Fire gives peace to the soul and creates comfort after a hectic working day.
Heta Quad gives off a comfortable heat on cool summer and autumn evenings allowing you to extend your evenings with no fuss and no problems.
Sit back relax and enjoy the mesmerising flames and enjoyable heat, just what you need.
Heta QUAD dims.jpg
Options to order
  • Cooking ring
  • Rubber mat
  • Made of Corten steel, which is particularly suitable for outdoor fireplaces. The surface forms an even layer of patina over extended periods of time, which never corrodes because of the surface constancy
  • 4kg pellet capacity for 1½ hours of burn time
  • Easy to light with the supplied fire gel
  • Fan controlled - powered by an external Heta powerbank battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly
Heta Quad resources
Instruction manual (Pages 4, English)
The instruction manual consists of and covers assembly, safety, fast rust formation/oxidation and corten steel.
Learn more about the QUAD and what it can offer.
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