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Keddy, based in Sweden, produce quality cast iron fireplaces. Using genuine craftsmanship, a Swedish iron art that dates back over 500 years in time, Keddy make use of a craft that demands incredible skill in every detail, producing products excellent in form and function.


Our Newbourne range offers a collection of British-designed stoves featuring both freestanding and inset models, with heat outputs of up to 8kW. This superb collection is not only an attractive set of appliances but are also high performance and able to meet the environmental requirements of today and tomorrow, and approved for use in smoke control areas throughout the UK.


Invicta, specialising in cast iron stoves manufactured in France, introduce a high quality and beautifully made collection of woodburning appliances in both traditional and modern styles. Many of the products are available in enamel finishes in various colours to complement your decor and furniture.

Heta is a manufacturing company based in Denmark. They produce state-of-the-art modern and contemporary stoves. Heta are constantly evolving and strive to continually modernise and adapt in line with their comprehensive range of Heta stoves. Even in these modern times, traditional craftsmanship and professional pride remain key company values to them, and innovative and highly functional stoves are the result.

Bohemia X
Bohemia X/Serenity
serenity logo stoves
bohemia x logo stoves

Our popular range of Bohemia X stoves, transformed to incorporate the very latest clean burn technology, tested, approved and recommended by Defra for use in smoke control areas throughout the UK, are both attractive and efficient. Available in numeous styles, including a minimalistic and contemporary Cubist design with cleaner and sharper lines.

Our Serenity range features the latest development in clean burn technology, allowing the fires to burn hotter and brighter inside the British-designed, contemporary and modern stoves. Over 30 years of design experience have gone into creating the Serenity Range and we, Pevex, have developed an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing stoves that are built to the highest levels of quality.

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