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British-designed Inset convector stoves or freestanding models suitable for a wide range of practical applications and settings.
The Slimline 30 Inset stove offers 5kW of heat energy and and is an ideal choice when combined with a stone fire surround.when updating an old and inefficient open fireplace.  For more heat output then the Pevex 60 Inset Convector provides this with its 5-8kW of usable convection and radiant heat. The Pevex 40 Inset Convector offers a more modern look with its flat fronted profile and external frame option and the ability to install it either on a hearth or in a raised position in the wall.
The Eco 30 Compact Convector is a small output stove and is suitable for a country log cabin, lodge, house boat, townhouse or for use in a small fireplace. The stove can be placed on a hearth or a steel bench as shown.
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