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This superb collection has been designed not only as attractive appliances for the home but also as high performance stoves, able to meet the environmental requirements of today and tomorrow and approved for use in smoke control areas throughout the UK. The Newbourne Range offers contemporary and sleek designs with the latest technology in primary air control plus a secondary airwash which effectively keeps the fire window clean, and tertiary air to ensure a clean burn high-efficiency performance, whether burning wood or smokeless fuel.  Both the Newbourne 35FS and 40FS have now had their fireboxes uprated to comply with the new environmental Ecodesign standards 2022.
New for 2018 are the Newbourne 35FS and 40FS Direct Air range which allows connection to an outside air supply making them ideal for highly insulated homes.  A larger window and a simple single air control makes these stoves the perfect choice for many homes.  Meeting the new environmental requirements for Ecodesign 2022 these stoves are designed today for tomorrows requirements. 
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Newbourne Brochure PDF
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