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Pellet insets for practical, high-performance fireplaces.
The pellet inset is an efficient heating system which can be used to transform an existing fireplace to make it more efficient or for a new project with a system which is practical and efficient to run.
The pellet inset is a hearth inserted into a fireplace that extends its autonomy and uses a practical, renewable source of energy, easy to store. In fact, pellets are an economical, ecological and practical source of fuel. Apart from the fact that you can programme how they are used, notably by choosing the heating period, including during the night.
Pellet insets generally offer the same advantages as a closed hearth or classic inset with an equally pleasant “fire” atmosphere as an open hearth fireplace. However, the reason for the great success of pellet insets in recent years is the practical aspect. These intelligent, easy-to-use fireplaces are perfect for present-day needs.
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