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Two stoves in one! The Scan-Line 10/20/30 stoves combine the qualities of a woodburning stove and a traditional thermal-mass stove. These models can be used as ordinary woodburning stoves, and will heat a room up relatively quickly. Or you can close off the convection and use the thermal-mass principle, allowing the 500kg of soapstone to slowly release the heat over many hours.
Soapstone is well-known for its good quality to retain heat longer and gradually give off heat during a longer period. Scan-Line 40/50 are an alternative range to woodburning stoves/thermal-mass stoves. They are a timeless and simple design where it is possible to regulate the convection airflow just above the door handle. When the convection air is turned off, the stoves change from a convection to a traditional mass stove. The weight on this is about 550kg and woodburning stoves can be increased further by adding up to 100kg thermastones.
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