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Scan-Line 80XL B
Scan-Line 80XL
Scan-Line 80XL B
Scan-Line 80XL
Scan-Line 80XL B
Scan-Line 80XL Ceramic
Scan-Line 80XL B Ceramic
Scan-Line 80
Scan-Line 80 Ceramic
Scan-Line 80XL B
80 & 80XL 5.5kW
This high-efficiency, user-friendly chamber offers great views of the large attractive flames. The combustion chamber also operates efficiently down to 2kW output. The Scan-Line 80 and 80XL has solid soapstone or ceramic tiles which are easily mounted on the combustion chamber's steel housing. The large tiles result in a rugged yet very modern design, thanks to the cylindrical shape.
  • 5.5kW nominal output
  • 79% efficiency
  • Front door(s) can be enamelled
  • Available with an optional baking oven*

         *Only the 80XL is available with a baking oven​

  • Available in two different ceramic colours
enamel baking oven
Scan-Line 80 & 80XL optional extras
The Scan-Line 80 & 80XL stoves are available in enamel coatings in 9 different colours for the front door(s).
enamel white
enamel antique
enamel dark grey
enamel black
enamel red
enamel majolica brown
enamel dark green
enamel light green
enamel blue
In addition to the standard soapstone material, the Scan-Line 80 & 80XL stoves are available in ceramic in White Glossy and Black Glossy.
kecera ceramic white glossy
kecera ceramic black glossy
Baking oven
The Scan-Line 80XL stove is available with an optional baking oven positioned above the combustion chamber.
Instruction manual 
The Scan-Line 80 & 80XL's instruction manual consists of and covers installation instructions, instructions for use, operational problems, maintenance and several other important areas.
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