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Heta Icon Line  Eclipse


Icon-Line Eclipse XLB
Icon-Line Eclipse XLB 7kW
The Eclipse XLB with built-in baking oven is the perfect modern woodburning stove to warm  your home or summerhouse.  With a lage firebox producing a generous amount of heat ensures that it will permeate into every nook and cranny of your room. 
Feeling hungry? With its built in oven pop your Sunday joint in there, sit back, relax and enjoy the lovely warming heat whilst watching the beautiful rolling flames perfectly cook your dinner.
Available in either grey or black and with the choice of steel or soapstone cladding makes the stove a stylish addition for any larger room.  .
Easy to use air controls makes this stove a cinch to operate and delight to use.
  • 7.1kW nominal output
  • 81% efficiency
  • Fresh air connection possible
  • Available in steel or soapstone finishes
  • Painted black or grey
  • Bottom door available to order
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