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Icon-Line Moderna
Icon-Line Moderna 6kW
The Moderna is a wonderful looking stove fitted with a full glass window and will make a real impact in a living room with its stylish looks and great burning performance.
The stove is available in black or grey, option of side windows and with the choice of a soapstone finish to really make a bold statement.  Soapstone not only gives the stove a luxurious finish but has the added benefit of absorbing the heat that the stove produces to give it out for many hours long after the flames have gone out.
Easy to use air controls makes this stove a delight to use and enjoy.
For added appeal and comfort why not think about the Heta Automatic Combustion which allows the stove to be controlled by an App signalling when to add more fuel or if to much has been loaded.
  • 6kW nominal output
  • 79% efficiency
  • Fresh air connection possible
  • Available in steel or soapstone finishes
  • Painted black or grey
  • Available with side windows
  • Bottom door available to order
  • Heta Automatic Combution 2.0 (HAC) to control burning and fuel loading
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