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K1110 Matted Black
K1110 Matted Black
Keddy K1110 4-9kW
The K1110 is a genuine cast iron construction with a cladding in black matted metal, glass door and glass top. New technology makes it the market’s most efficient woodburning stoves (efficiency is over 80 percent). An optional louvred, glass front and a heat storage. You can also choose to have side glasses to get a better experience of the fire.
  • 4-9kW nominal output
  • 85% efficiency
  • Log store or storage area
  • Self-closing door (when open less than 90 degrees)
  • Soot-free glass
  • 20-year warranty on cast iron parts
  • Available with side glasses for a wider viewing area of the fire
  • Available with a glass front, in front of and below the fold
  • Available with additional heat storage which retains heat for 6-8 hours 
Keddy K1110 optional extras
Glass front
With glass in front of and below the fold, this enhances your stove's exclusive expression.
Side glasses
The K1110 stove is available with side glasses that enhance the feeling of the fire from the side.
Heat storage
With this optional extra you can extend the heat storage by 6-8 hours after the fire has gone out.
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