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Keddy's insets stoves are made of genuine cast iron and are suitable for all types of fireplaces. The hearth and the efficient combustion system makes the fireplace insets efficient heating sources. Their new fireplace insets have an efficiency of 83 percent. The insets are available in four models and two sizes. The latest models SK1000 and SK2000 have a self-closing door.
Keddy's inset stoves are nothing more than the world’s cosiest rebellion against electrical bills. In fact, it transforms your open fireplace into a safe and efficient source of heat, which reduces your energy costs significantly. Most open fireplaces have an efficiency of between 5-10 percent. Keddy's newest fire insets SK1000 and SK2000 whose efficiency rises to over 80 percent, which is the best on the market when it comes to insets for open fireplaces.
Keddy's fireplace insets are for all types of fireplaces. Any space between the stove and the fireplace inset edge can easily be filled out with a beautiful decor grille or forging covers. To get better hot air circulation, you can install the hot air grille in the hood above your fireplace.
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