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Scan-Line 800 Aqua
Scan-Line 800 Aqua
Scan-Line 800 Aqua
Aqua Kit K36-20
SL 800 Aqua Rear
SL 800 Aqua Front
SL 800 Aqua Rear
SL 800 Aqua Front
Scan-Line 800 Aqua 8.7kW
With an excellent 87% efficiency, the Scan-Line 800 Aqua is suited to a wide range of practical applications. The stove glass is specially sealed, significantly reducing radiated heat in the room. The beautiful
flame presentation reflects the innovative development work.
  • 8.7kW nominal output
  • 87% efficiency
  • Specially sealed glass, reducing radiated heat in the room
  • Comes with a safety valve for connection to existing systems*

*When connecting the stove, please ensure it has the ideal circulation pump flow rate of 140 litres/hour and that the existing system is equipped with a safety valve which activates if the water pressure exceeds 2.5 bar.

  • Top, sides and front door can be enamelled individually or in any combination
  • Optional Aqua Performance Kit (prevents corrosion in the heat exchan­ger, as the return flow temperature is increased via the thermal three-way valve)
enamel baking oven
Scan-Line 800 Aqua optional extras
The Scan-Line 800 Aqua is available in enamel coatings in 9 different colours which can be freely combined on the top and side panels as well as the front door.
enamel white
enamel antique
enamel dark grey
enamel black
enamel red
enamel majolica brown
enamel dark green
enamel light green
enamel blue
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Aqua Performance Kit
These instructions explain how to install the Heta Aqua Performance Kit (APK) on the Scan-Line 800 Aqua woodburning stove.

Installation may only be carried out by an authorised plumber/electrician.

Instruction manual
The Heta Scan-Line 800 Aqua's instruction manual covers operating instructions, installation instructions, operational problems, maintenance, guarantee and several other important areas.
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