Scan-Line 850 Sandstone Top Pedestal
Scan-Line 850 Ceramic Pedestal
Scan-Line 850 Sandstone Top Wall
Scan-Line 850 Pedestal
Scan-Line 850 Soapstone Top Pedestal
Scan-Line 850 Wall
Scan-Line 850 Soapstone Top Wall
  • 6kW nominal output
  • 79% efficiency
Scan-Line 850 6kW
Scan-Line 850 is an elliptical stove in a stylish, modern design. Scan-Line 850 is both eco-friendly, elegant and practical. These stoves are a stylish and sculptural addition to any home. The Scan-Line 850 can be supported by a pedestal which can be rotated and reoriented or hung on a wall.
  • Available in materials steel, soapstone, sandstone or coloured ceramic
Scan-Line 850 Soapstone Top Pedestal
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Scan-Line 850 Complete Soapstone Ped
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Scan-Line 850 optional extras
The Scan-Line 850 is available in 5 additional styles: 
  • Soapstone top panel
  • Soapstone top and side panels
  • Sandstone top panel
  • Sandstone top and side panels
  • Kaufmann ceramics
Instruction manual
The Scan-Line 850's instruction manual consists of installation instructions, instructions for use, operational problems, maintenance and several other important areas.