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Scan-Line 840
Scan-Line 840 Soapstone Top
Scan-Line 840 Complete Soapstone
  • 6kW nominal output
  • 79% efficiency
Scan-Line 840 6kW
Scan-Line 840 is an elliptical stove in a stylish, modern design. Most of the visible surfaces are made in cast iron. Scan-Line 840 is both eco-friendly, elegant and practical. These stoves are a stylish and sculptural addition to any home. Available in various materials and the option of having a baking oven.
  • Available in materials steel, soapstone, sandstone or coloured ceramic
Scan-Line 840 optional extras
The Scan-Line 840 is available in 5 additional styles: 
  • Soapstone top panel
  • Soapstone top and side panels
  • Sandstone top panel
  • Sandstone top and side panels
  • Kaufmann ceramics
Baking oven
The Scan-Line 830 is available with a baking oven whilst still allowing you to choose what materials, colours and styles the stove is made in.
Heta thermastones
Heta's soapstone thermastones efficiently store accumulated heat and slowly and evenly releases it into your room. If you fill the chamber just two or three times, the stove will keep the room heated for up to 14 hours, so you enjoy the comfort and heat long after the fire has gone out.
Scan-Line 840S contains 2 thermastones.
Instruction manual
The Scan-Line 840's instruction manual consists of installation instructions, instructions for use, operational problems, maintenance and several other important areas.
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