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SCAN-LINE 520/530
Scan-Line 520B
Scan-Line 520
Scan-Line 520
Scan-Line 520 Kaufman
Scan-Line 520 Complete Soapstone
Scan-Line 520 5kW
Available with and without a baking oven, in styles which can be freely combined, the Scan-Line 520 can be customised to be an ideal addition to any home.
  • 5kW nominal output
  • Large 3 litre ash pan
  • Available in soapstone top, complete soapstone cladding and ceramic models in 42 colours which can be freely combined
  • Available with and without a baking oven
Scan-Line 520
features & optional extras
Ash pan
With all Scan-Line 500 models, Heta provide the patented large 3 litre ash pan.
The Scan-Line 520 is available in 3 additional styles: 
Baking oven
The Scan-Line 520 is available with a baking oven whilst still allowing you to choose what materials, colours and styles the stove is made in.
Scan-Line 530
The Scan-Line 530 is a larger version of the Scan-Line 520. It is slightly taller and features a shelf below the combustion chamber which can be used as storage.
Instruction manual
The Scan-Line 520's and Scan-Line 530's instruction manual consists of installation instructions, instructions for use, operational problems, maintenance and several other important areas.
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