OURA 100
Oura 100
  • 7kW nominal output
  • 80% efficiency
Oura 100 7kW
The Oura 100 is a slim, smartly designed woodburning stove with a huge front glass, which gives a fantastic view to the flames. As an extra detail we have used aluminium handles and trims to give it the final touch.
  • Available in materials steel, soapstone, granite or coloured ceramic side panels
  • Available with side windows* or side windows with an integrated swivel plinth

        *(when fitted with steel sides)

enamel baking oven
Oura 100 optional extras
The Oura 100 is available in ceramic in 13 different KeCerá colours.
kecera ceramic white glossy
kecera ceramic white
kecera ceramic ivory
kecera ceramic cappuchino
kecera ceramic nougat
kecera ceramic green
kecera ceramic olivien
kecera ceramic red effect
kecera ceramic red
kecera ceramic light blue
kecera ceramic blue
kecera ceramic black
kecera ceramic black glossy
The Oura 100 is available in 4 different materials: 
Steel, soapstone, granite and ceramic.
Instruction manual
The Oura 100's instruction manual consists of installation instructions, instructions for use, operational problems, maintenance and several other important areas.