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Inspire 40 Inset
Inspire 40 Inset
Inspire 40 Inset
Inspire 40 Inset
Inspire 40 Inset
Inspire 40 Inset
Inspire 40 Inset
Inspire 40 Inset
  • 4kW nominal output
  • 84% efficiency
  • 300mm log length
  • Large cast iron door
  • Precision air control lever
  • Fits into 16x22" UK fireplace opening
Inspire 40 Inset 4kW
Built to fit inside an existing UK 16x22" fireplace opening, the Inspire 40 Inset is a portrait stove with a large cast iron door that maximises the view of the fire creating a stunning impression in your home. A discreet single level air control allows optimal combustion throughout the 2-6kW output range for tranquility and pleasure.
  • Available in black or enamel colour door options
enamel baking oven
Inspire 40 Inset optional extras
Door colour options
In addition to the traditional cast iron black colour, the Inspire 40 Inset's front door is available in nine different enamel coating colours.
enamel white
enamel antique
enamel dark grey
enamel black
enamel red
enamel majolica brown
enamel dark green
enamel light green
enamel blue
Instruction manual
The manual covers installation, instructions for use, operational problems, trouble shooting, guarantee maintenance and several other areas.
Heta Inspire series brochure.
Heta Inspire 40 Inset Drawing overview
Heta Inspire 40 Inset technical drawings.
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