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Icon-Line Eclipse XLS
Icon-Line Eclipse XLS 7kW
The Eclipse XLS is a modern stove designed to have the option of heat accumulation stones fitted to provide heat for long after the flames have gone out.  The large combustion chamber allows a 450mm log to be loaded producing a generous amount of heat for warming larger rooms.  The option of adding 89kg of additional heat accumulation stones hidden in the top chamber means that these stones absorb the heat before it is lost up the flue and then emitted back into the room for many hours afterwards.
Offered in either black or grey, with and without a bottom door and with the choice of steel or soapstone cladding for total flexibiity for the larger room.  .
Easy to use air controls makes this stove a cinch to operate and delight to use.
  • 7.1kW nominal output
  • 81% efficiency
  • Fresh air connection possible
  • Available in steel or soapstone finishes
  • Painted black or grey
  • Bottom door available to order
  • Heatstones can be ordered
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