Pevex 60 Inset Convector
Pevex 60 Inset Convector
Pevex 60 Inset Convector 6-9kW
The Pevex 60 Inset is a high output inset stove designed to fit into a standard UK
16” x 22” fireplace opening and with a unique cassette design for easy installation. This stove offers a huge increase in efficiency over an open fire but will also add a lovely focal point to your room.
  • 6-9kW nominal output
  • 78% efficiency with burning wood
  • 300mm log length
  • Heavy duty robust construction
  • Riddling cast iron grate
  • Primary air control and secondary air wash sliders
  • Convection sides and top plate
  • Vermiculite lined fire chamber for improved combustion and efficiency
  • Side and rear injected tertiary air for improved combustion
  • Tested and approved to EN13229 for wood and approved smokeless fuel
  • Defra approved for use in smoke control areas