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K816 Cast Iron Grey
K816 Cast Iron Black
Keddy K816 4-9kW
K816 is based on the same technology as the K815. The difference is the base, which here consists of a real socket in cast iron.
Designed by award-winning Swedish company: Formacy Design, inspired by modern furnishings and everyday objects such as lamps and wine glasses.
  • 3-9kW nominal output
  • 80% efficiency
  • 100% clean cast iron which maintains heat and shape, year after year
  • Soot-free glass
  • 20-year warranty on cast iron parts
  • Self-regulating damper
  • Available in cast iron black or grey
  • Available in soapstone side and top panels to retain heat
Keddy K816 optional extras
Self-regulating damper 
The self-regulating damper sets a new security standard for cast iron stoves. The function optimises combustion and prevents overheating.
Colours & materials
You can customise your stove to be suitable to your own home. Choose between black and grey cast iron. Or, replace the material in the side panels and top to heat-retaining soapstone.
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