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If you are hesitating between a log burner or pellet burner, Invicta offers a solution unique to the market combining the advantages of the two types of fuel.
This brand new mixed fuel concept functions like a classic log burner stove but also comes with a pellet container. Log or pellet energy? It’s up to you! You can benefit from the heat and visual effect of a wood fire when you are home and maintain a gentle temperature during the night or if you are away by using pellets. Easy to use, mixed log and pellet stoves switch over easily from one function to the other. If there is an electricity cut, mixed stoves guarantee energy independence by operating in log mode. In addition, Invicta mixed log or pellet stoves mean you are free to adjust consumption according to energy price variance, opting to use logs, for example, if there is a rise in the price of pellets.
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