The brasero brazier is a product of Mexican origin and is a barbecue, oven and outdoor fireplace all in one. Made of terracotta, the traditional Mexican brazier is fuelled with wood, vine clippings or even charcoal.
The heat given off is gentle and pleasant and will warm up your outdoor parties with friends. It is quite possible to use the Mexican brazier like a classic barbecue to grill meat or fish. The advantage of a Mexican brazier is that it can also be used as extra heating to take advantage of cool evenings out of doors and make them more comfortable. It is therefore possible to cook and provide extra warmth for an evening out of doors!
Mexican braziers have been in use for hundreds of years, dating back to the Mayas, and really create a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, this typical object has not changed very much over time and is not only attractive to look at but is also practical and particularly efficient.
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