X40 Cube PLUS
X40 Cube PLUS
X40 Cube PLUS
X40 Cube PLUS 4.5kW
Based on the ever popular X40 Cube that has been around for the last 8 years, the X40 Cube PLUS incorporates some subtle design changes to give it a cosmetic update for 2018.  These changes include a thicker top plate and a built-in ash lip and with the airwash slider repositioned in the convection slot allows for a taller door.
With a full height door, this allows an unparalleled view of the fire burning brightly in the firebox and with its shallow slimline depth, this stove offers contemporary and minimalist styling with clean burn performance from its efficient firebox. 
  • Stainless steel, chrome or wooden handle
X40 Cube PLUS details​​
X40 Cube PLUS
X40 Cube PLUS
X40 Cube PLUS
    Black               Chrome          Brushed         Wooden
 (Standard)                              Stainless Steel
Wooden handle option
Newbourne black handle.jpg
Brushed Stainless Steel handle option
Chrome handle
X40 Cube PLUS optional extras
Handle and air controls
The X40 Cube PLUS is fitted with a black cool-to-touch door handle and matching air controls as standard. These are also available in chrome, stainless brushed steel or a wooden handle options.